First Post

So, here we go. I've kept countless other journals on the web - so I figured I'd try out a proper blog. As most of you most likely know, I live in Baltimore now. I don't actually live in Baltimore City, but will be next year. I'm sure I'll bring that subject up quite a bit in the near future.

I figure a good inaugural post would be an update of what I've been up to recently.

_ _ _
My girlfriend, Anne, visited me from Berlin in February through early March, which was really fun. We went down to Washington D.C. and stayed with my cousin in Alexandria.


Washington D.C.

_ _ _
I've been working as an after-school tutor in Baltimore City at Yorkwood Elementary School. I work with 5th graders.

_ _ _
At Goucher we had "Get into Goucher Day" - aka GIG, which is the one day Goucher actually lets loose. Bands (Ted Leo + Pharmacists), partying out on the quad, and the one really good time on campus at Goucher.

_ _ _
In April I went to visit Anne in Berlin and went to her sister's wedding in Potsdam. I really didn't want to leave.

En route to Berlin, via Newark, NJ.

Anne's neighborhood.

Traveling around Berlin.

The Hamburger Bahnhof (modern art museum).

Lunch. Döner kebab.

Me, Anne, and her friends.

Anne dressed up for the wedding.

Back in the US.

And I'm still here!

I go back to LA on May 17th.

As always, all of my photos can be seen HERE.

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Anonymous said...


May I be the first to sign in. What a great site! Your mom and I can't wait to see you back in South Pasadena! We love you.


PS. Great photos!