Well I haven't updated in a week or so, as I have been swamped with performances, finals, rehearsals, and a bunch of other stuff.

Last Monday Man Man (from Philadelphia) played at Goucher, which was phenomenal. Honestly the best show I've seen since I've left Los Angeles. Greg and his brother's band, The Sparta Philharmonic opened, as well as the mostly-Goucher Wham City band, Teeth Mountain -which is going on a full U.S./European tour this next year.

The Sparta Philharmonic:

Man Man:

The following photos were taken by Ben Droz. Can you find me?

You can see them play here (in Amsterdam):

Since then, I played with Jonathan, Greg, and Baltimore vocal percussionist Shodekeh in a dance piece at Goucher. Photos from our rehearsals (without Shodekeh) can be seen on my last post. Both of the performances went really well. It was outside and it rained like a monsoon on Friday, but the dancers danced in the rain anyway. Saturday was beautiful.

This week I've had finals. Spencer left on Monday, and he is presumably happily eating an In-n-Out burger in L.A. right now. I'm jealous.

I had my math final today, which went better than I expected. I need to get a 78% to pass the class. I'm crossing my fingers.

I just got back from a piano performance by Goucher faculty member Jeffery Chappell, who played Brahms 2nd piano concerto and some short piece by Ravel. He was outstanding. His website can be found here.

Tomorrow I have my international relations final and German final. Both shouldn't be too hard.

As always, all of the photos can be found here.

I'll be home Saturday. Can't wait.

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