Back in L.A.

I'm back in Los Angeles. It feels good to be home, but I honestly miss certain specific things in Baltimore already.

Either way, I love L.A.

The first day I was back in town I went to La Mirada with Ethan and my mom for Ethan's swim meet. He is turning into quite the athlete. It was 100ยบ. Welcome back to Southern California!

The photos from the swim meet are here.

I went to Chinatown yesterday and had lunch at Cafe Via - a great little Vietnamese place. Vasco and I know the owner somehow, he has another Vietnamese restaurant downtown on Main (?) and 5th street. I ended up seeing "A Chorus Line" with Tudor. Sherwin and Craig (from temple) had extra tickets and invited us to join them. The cast was great, but the musical was too much for me. A bit dated.

The photos from Chinatown are here.

I start work officially (at Gracie's Market on Mission St.) next week, but I've been training already.

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